Oh, The Agony.

Some of what I’m typing may come out a little incoherent. I’m currently laid in a&e.

The reason I’m in a&e is because I doubled up in pain in my abdomen on my right side. Usually the first thing that springs to mind is gallstones. Well, I’ve had my gallbladder removed several years ago, but they recently informed me that regardless of this I can still develop gallstones. I suspect that this may be the case.

Having been in here for 3 hours now though, I can’t help wondering how I’m even awake through the pain. Before this particular pain started, I took my oramorph, topiramate and a zopiclone. I should be sound asleep, dreaming dreams of randomness as god knows I did last night.

There is nothing more I can say to the world this morning as I wait, while I suck away on the gas and air like I was in labour (and believe me I would prefer that l were in labour) than take an easy day wherever you can, because between my mental health state, my usual chronic pain, and this horrific pain, rest is all that will be on the brain just as soon as it is allowed.

H x