I’ve filled in the “About” section… now what?

Haha, of course, I do know what I’m doing really, but after I filled in the said “About” section, I kinda felt obligated to write my very first post due to my poor blog looking very bare. I do know that in time there will be plenty of my waffling on to read back to myself, but no, I just couldn’t leave it looking so empty. Maybe it was the obsessive-compulsive side of me that couldn’t handle it, but who can tell!

Now… where to start? Well, as it says on the “about” section, I have a very colourful mental health history, and a very confusing one at that. Now whether I have found the worlds dumbest in the history of mental health professionals, I do not know, and that includes the psychiatrist as well as the infamous crisis team. Oh the joys that they are to deal with. I am of course being EXTREMELY sarcastic!

You see, I am actually a mental health student, but due to the length of time I’ve been battling these issues, and that has been for over half of my life, I have done so much research regarding the various different illnesses. More specifically, borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety and bipolar!

Now, while I believe myself to be a rapid cycling bipolar, I also believe that this is where the psychiatrist has become confused. He is not from the UK and his understanding of the English language is not brilliant! I think I spend nearly half of the session asking him to repeat himself, while the other half is spent with him asking me to repeat myself. It’s not very productive at all. However, I’m getting off topic here. Where I think he has got confused, is that he seems to think that I cycle faster than I actually do, and that my cycles are all over the place, when in actual fact my cycles are very clear phases of depression, mania, and “normality” and I use that term loosely, and each phase can last for weeks, even months, whereas a borderline or BPD cycle can be several times a day, and can last seconds or minutes.

I don’t believe that is the only thing that has lead him to this confusion. While there are some similarities between borderline and bipolar, there are also some very distinct differences, and it’s because of these differences that I do not agree with the psychiatrist.

Now I will keep this short and sweet, because I actually have an appointment with the crisis team in the morning that I have to prepare for, which could take some time given the fact that I am up against supposedly trained professionals who are so ignorant that they believe people with bipolar don’t self harm. I think I have my work cut out for me!

Bye for now!!

H x